Sugar Free Icing
for Dog Treats

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Finding a sugar free icing alternative for people is nearly impossible - finding one developed for dogs, well, even fewer options. Being able to provide dog owners and dog treat bakers with a sugar free coating has been a huge passion for us. Our dog Sammy is more than just a pet, he is like family. And trying to give him the best out there is important to us. In trying to watch out for his health ('cause if it was up to him, he'd eat ANYTHING) is very important to us. A sugar free icing for him would make us feel so good!

No doubt you will understand when we say that after hours of searching on the net for sugar free icing recipes that would hold up to retail packaging and shipping, we were ready to give up. But many of our customers were continuing to ask for a sugar free alternative - we just had to do something.

So we developed our own sugar free icing mixes. Our Sugar Free Dog Treat Icing line is just that - no added sugar, no artificial sweetners, no hydrogenated fats, and contains dietary fiber for your puppy too!!

We know that there are others out there offering a sugar free dog treat icing mix. We have checked them out. To boil it down for you - their product contains hydrogenated fats (which we are opposed to.). In fact when we tried their product, the chunks of hydrogenated fats didn't melt all the way. Basically what we found was that they had taken yogurt powder and mixed it with coating flow crystals also know as paramount crystals (hydrogenated fat). They call their product natural too - not sure how with it containing hydrogenated fats (those aren't natural). While you may have options, make sure to read the labels completely and know what you are getting.

As always, if you have any questions - about our products or other products you see out there - we will do our best to answer them (and we'll give you an unbiased answer). We are always working toward improved formulations. Check out our NEW SUGAR FREE ICING MIX ingredient statements:

Sugar Free Yogurt Dog Treat Icing Mix: Natural yogurt powder (nonfat milk solids, lactic acid, and cultures), corn starch, soluble corn fiber, dried egg whites, and pectin.

Sugar Free Carob Dog Treat Icing Mix: Roasted carob powder, soluble corn fiber, sweet dairy whey, corn starch, rice flour, dried egg whites, and pectin.

Sugar Free Blueberry Dog Cookie Icing Mix: Soluble corn fiber, sweet dairy whey, corn starch, rice flour, dried egg whites, blueberries and pectin.

Just email us with your questions!! And we'll have our resident food scientist (and owner) find you an answer!

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