Pet Food Marketing
How to get your treats noticed!

Pet food marketing, in case you haven’t noticed, is fiercely competitive I was in a Pet Smart just this week and when I found the dog treat section – it looked like a giant glossy wall of advertisements – a 9 foot wall, shouting different claims at me. I just stared in amazement and thought – how do pet owners wade through the wall-o-treats full of pet food marketing mania and decide what to buy. So, I asked a guy who was standing there, also looking somewhat shell shocked. He said “I buy the duck flavored ones. My Joey won’t eat anything but those, and they’re all out.” He was waiting for the pet store worker to come from the back room after checking for any stock back there. They were out back there too. Joey’s owner was crushed. Said he would come back when the next shipment was to arrive.

Some things sank in for me and reiterated to me some basic concepts that I have learned in my dog treat baking:

1. Dog treats is an extremely competitive business,

2. Dog owners, much like their 4 legged companions are very loyal,

3. Setting yourself apart from the pack of other bakers is one of the most important parts of building your successful business.

You have to get noticed, get customers excited about your treats, and make the sale. Pet food marketing or specifically, dog treat marketing, is about taking a customer from thinking “oh that is a cute / neat / great product” to “oh that is a cute / neat / great product. I need that for my dog.” Think about that for a minute. You want people to NEED your treats You want your customer be be just like Joey's owner - standing at the wall-o-treats, determined to find that one kind and willing to come back later in the week because they didn't have it.

Let’s be honest. Most of you aren’t slaving away working 2 jobs, staying up all hours of the night scouring the web for help because you’re bored. And I know that many of you are in fact working that hard. Most likely you are

• Very passionate about your dog(s)

• Love all dogs for that matter

• You have passion to make great treats

• You wouldn’t mind generating a decent income from customers buying your dog treats and enjoying your hard work

So, how do you get noticed? How do you take all this passion and turn it into a successful business that brings you fulfillment. A good strategy to market your treats is critical to making this happen. There are several elements to consider – I’ll do my best to take you through some of the concepts. These are not in any order and in fact in many regards may overlap. (Follow this link for Part 2 of Pet Food Marketing).