Guaranteed Analysis for Dog Treats

What is a "guaranteed analysis?" This is the lab analysis that is required by law that must be conducted for all dog treats that are sold. This results of your tests must be stated on your dog treats label. So, if you are baking and selling dog treats, you must have these tests preformed for every different dog treat that you offer.

This required testing is the description for the lab tests that include: Minimum crude protein %, Minimum crude fat %, Maximum moisture %, and Maximum crude fiber %.

"Yikes!" - you may be thinking to yourself. "I have to have a dog treat analysis before I can sell my treats?" Yes. You should also check with your particular state's Department of Agriculture as some of them require that the testing be conducted in a particular lab of their designation. (We don't know why the lab matters, but - best to follow the guidelines of your state).

It depends on where you send your treats as to how expensive the testing will be. Some places are ghastly expensive. If your state does not specify which lab you have to use for your guaranteed analysis, then we have found a lab that is WONDERFUL, and is not too expensive. Check out New Jersey Feed Labs at this web address:

They charge $33.50 per treat that you need tested. They have a bunch of good information on this page - and very detailed instructions on how to prepare your samples for testing.

Those are the basics for the dog treat analysis. For additional information on what besides a guaranteed analysis has to be on your dog treat labels, follow this link.

Best of luck in your dog treat business. As always, if we can help, let us know!!