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Baking your own gourmet dog treat or snacks can be very rewarding! Discovering that you are good at it and deciding to build a business out of it can be very exciting! If you want to bake treats for your own furry family, or especially if you want to build your own dog treats business – understanding the process and what is involved is very important for building a great treat and a successful business.

Starting up your own dog treat business is a great idea. It is one of the top 10 best pet small business ideas! I will also forewarn you… it is very challenging! There is much more to the business side of it than just making a great gourmet treat. You have legal requirements to consider, competition is fierce, and there are some regulations that are a must

So if you are ready to embrace the challenge and are willing to work hard, we are here to help you through it!! Below are the links to various aspects of starting your business. You may already have some of this figured out, or you may be starting from the very beginning. Whatever your circumstance, we guarantee that we have information that will be helpful. From how to bake dog treats, interesting dog treat recipes, to creative ways to decorate your dog treats! Creating gourmet dog treats is a huge booming business with huge opportunity. In light of recent dog food recalls, many dog treat owners have begun moving away from commercial products and are looking to the gourmet bakers for solutions. Some dog owners have starting baking their own dog treats in an effort to feel good about the treats they give their dogs.

No matter your circumstance, whether you are running your own small dog treat business or have decided to make homemade dog treats, you will find lots of helpful information here on our site!

The gourmet difference ultimately comes down to the details. Making a gourmet dog treat can be as simple as selecting only organic ingredients or as delicate as adding dog treat icing to your hand crafted treats. Many of these simple nuiances (high quality ingredients, decorations / hand crafting) are the tools of the gourmet baker and often the commercial bakers cannot compete. As you surf our website - if you still have questions please don't hesitate to email our resident food scientist and owner, Vicki! Ask away!

Follow this link to our "baking challenges" web page where we answer a lot of questions that we frequently get. Got mold? Should you use Vitamin E? We have those answers ready and waiting for you as you continue on your gourment dog treat baking adventure!

Making dog treats
Creating gourmet dog treats, from the basic baking process to fabulous recipes to meet many dietary needs.

Dehydrating Dog Treats
Detailed information on the benefits of dehydrating dog treats; how to do it, what it means, why it helps your dog treats last longer.

Decorate Dog Treats – How to
Made your own dog treats? Want to add some color and make them unique? Check out this page on how to decorate your dog treats.

Homemade Dog Treat Ingredients - Overview
Making your own dog treats will require a fundamental understanding of dog treat ingredients. Here's look at common dog treat ingredients used in both gourmet dog treats and commercial brand treats.

Baking Dog Treats
A complete guide to baking dog treats. We show you the basic equipment and utensils you will need and take you through the process of baking your first dog treat.

All Natural Dog Biscuits
All natural dog biscuits are everywhere - gourmet, organic, all natural - but are they really delivering what you think they are. Get the facts on all natural dog biscuits.

Gourmet Dog Treats - Labels
The gourmet dog treat option – whether you are buying them for your dog or plan on baking these treats in your gourmet dog treat bakery, you need to understand what is required on the labels, shortcut

Starting Your Own Dog Treat Business
Considering your own dog treat business - let our experience help you. A complete guide to regulations, product development, packaging, and marketing your dog treats.

Everything Dog Treats About Us
About us at Everything Dog Treats - our experience, our mission, our commitment to you!!!

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