Dog Treat Icing

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You've probably found this page because you are looking for dog treat icing. As a gourmet dog treat baker - no doubt you are looking for ways to set your treats apart. We know - this was one of the things that we battled with getting started. In the wall of dog treats at pet stores (even independently owned local stores) - how could we stand out?? And then we started to see more and more local bakers coming on the scene taking over our shelf space. How could we get noticed in this fiercely competitive environment???? As a gourmet dog treat baker, one of the key things that you can offer your customers is hand crafted items. Adding decorations to your dog treats makes them special. Whether you are making treats for doggie birthdays as party favors or are selling your items - a touch of dog treat icing hand crafted on your treats really makes your treats special. Commericial dog treat bakers do not have the capabilies to add decorations to their treats (at least not yet they don't).

Decorating dog treats became our focus. We started with the yogurt chips and carob chips - and I cannot describe to you the complete frustration I felt when the chips would seize up right in the middle of decorating. And dealing with a substrate that had to be heated and kept warm - ugh!

That's why we went to work on developing a solution. We needed a way to decorate our treats that was EASY!!!! And, we wanted to get away from the nasty HYDROGENATED FATS that are in the yogurt and carob chips!

A dog treat icing mix that you just add water to.... could it be that simple? Not only that - we also wanted to work with coatings that didn't contain any sugar. So we developed a line of Sugar Free Dog Treat Icing Mixes as well!

Tired of trying to melt carob chips and “yogurt” chips to get your dog treats decorated? We found those types of coatings very VERY difficult to work with. Because of that difficulty and mess, we have come up with a solution – a one step dog treat icing mix (well, maybe 3 steps). All you need to do is

1. Add water
2. Mix
3. Decorate your treats!

I can’t tell you how easy this is compared to all of the work that we’ve done with other methods of working with dog treat icing. No melting, no monitoring temperature, no adding oil – just add water and mix! Wow! Still not sure exactly how to use our dog treat icing? Follow this link for a great guide to decorating your dog treats.

This sure does let you focus your efforts on being creative and decorating your treats instead of trying to figure out how to get the frosting to come out right.

So that's exactly what we did with our icing mixes.

These are dry mixes that you simply add water to. So easy - even if you aren't baking for a business and just want to decorate some dogs treats with your kids - they can do it too!!!! We offer our original Yogurt Dog Treat Icing Mix, original Carob Dog Treat Icing Mix, original Blueberry Dog Treat Icing mix and also sugar free versions of each!

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Everything Dog Treats
Yogurt Dog Treat Icing Mix
in action.

Iced treats courtesy of Mona's Munchies.