To Web or Not to Web?
Your Dog Treat Business Website

You may be asking yourself, “Should I start a website for my dog business or not?” Or perhaps your business model is a web based dog treat business. Maybe you are sitting there waiting for the dog treat orders to come rolling in. Been waiting awhile?

Regardless of your situation, knowing how to start and grow your business on the web is key to being successful on the web. Unfortunately, it’s not like the movie Field of Dreams when the voice says “If you build it, they will come.” If you build a website, and that’s all you do, no one will ever find you. The internet is a web with millions of websites. And if you build a site, it just sits there and the search engines don’t even know you exist.

I know this, because my first web based dog treat business started just like that!!! We had some awesome dog treats and great packaging. We built our website using a well know domain host / web building software package. And there it sat, beautiful – and no one found it. For a year, it sat there, and maybe 15 people (besides family and friends) found us. And the 15 people that did find us weren’t looking for dog treats. (Does this at all sound familiar with your experience?)

While we waited for all of the traffic to come, we made efforts selling directly to retailers and independent pet store-owners. They loved our treats. But we believed there was so much potential on the internet, we didn’t give up. And that's when we stumbled into (thankfully) someone who understood what we were struggling with. We read about Pay Per Click advertising, considered other advertising methods to get folks to our site. These things were all relatively expensive when we considered the conversion rates. And what is more, we learned that once we stopped paying for people to find our website, the people stopped coming. We couldn’t figure out how to show up in the Google searches without paying for the ads.

Now, if you have a great website, and lots of traffic coming to you, absolutely PPC, print advertising, mailers, etc. may be all be viable parts of your advertising budget. But the key to being successful on the internet is generating free traffic through the search engines.

We started building our new site and in less than 3 months we had over 1200 visits per month!!! Now, compare that to our first website that had maybe 15 total visits in 1 year. WOW!!! And it is growing every day! Business takes a little bit of time and patience on the web, but it continues to grow steadily.

What did we do different? We found a complete partner on the web. Perhaps this will work for you as well, maybe not. You will have to determine what your best option is. But we wanted to let you know that there is much more to starting your web-based dog treat business than just having a great website.

Check out the plan that has worked for us (so much so that this is our 2nd website using this service called Site Build It.) Everything Dog Treats launched on July 17, 2008. In less than 1 year, we have gotten to over 4000 visits EACH MONTH. If we didn't grow at all, that would be more than 48,000 visits in a year. And we are showing steady growth each month. Check back with us, we'll continue to let you know how our site continues to preform.

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The fact that you found us is proof that Site Build It works. Everything we have learned about the web has been through Site Build It. Getting your business noticed on the web is the key to your web business success.

There are several plans out there to drive traffic – this is the one we believed in. We’re not saying that the other strategies don’t work, we just haven’t worked with them. But our biggest message to you is that to start a web-based dog treat business, you need to do a LOT more than just build the site. You could have the best products, and the best ideas, and the most gorgeous website. The key will be learning about how the web works, and how to get people to your site!!! Click on the banner below to learn about Site Build It. Don't feel obligated to buy - but do yourself and your web business a favor - do the research, and start the process of learning about how to get the web to work for you!!!

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