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The Dawg Daily

Working in the food industry for more than 14 years is quite different than starting, running and growing your own small business! Needless to say as we have grown - we have more and more stories to share!

Our website is designed to provide information to folks wanting to learn more about baking dog treats and the dog treat industry in general. It is a vehicle for us to share techincal information.

But our dog blog, the Dawg Daily, is a look at the personal side of starting your own dog treat business. We try to do our blogging when we can, but if you are running your own business then you will understand when I say - sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day! We hope you will enjoy our blog and share in our adventures. Please subscribe to it so that when we do update - you are notified!

You can visit our blog at DawgDaily.wordpress.com.