How to Make Dog Treats Beautiful
Decorating Dog Treats

How to make dog treats beautiful – decorating dog treats. Naturally since we specialize in dog treat icing, decorating dog treats is also one of our specialties! We’ve gotten many many many questions from folks wanting to know specifically how to decorate dog treats We can tell you that trying to melt yogurt and carob chips can be very frustrating. And then you also have to worry about your all of your hard work melting during the summer. Another down side to the yogurt and carob chips – they contain hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenated fats are bad for people – they are definitely bad for your furry family members! With our dog treat icing dry mixes, you can make your treats fabulous, and not have to worry about your beautiful decorations melting during the warm months, or during shipping. A good way to experience the ease of decorating dog treats with our dry icing mixes. (It's a great craft idea for kids too!!) Everything you need in one kit - Yogurt and Cabor Dog Treat Icing Mixes, treats, and disposable piping bags.

The first step in decorating dog treats is to get set up with piping bags. It is often easiest to set up several bags with the different colors you are going to be using with up front. You can use piping bags, or squeeze bottles – whichever is easier. We typically use the outline icing in the piping bags as this will need to be thicker. We use the squeeze bottles for the icing that we will be flooding with as this icing will need to be thinner. These techniques are for more elaborately decorated treats. If you are simply doing a zigzag pattern – piping bags with the thicker icing is probably your best bet (at least we like to do it this way). As with many aspects of baking dog treats, there will be some trial and error involved in developing your techniques. Don’t give up or get discouraged – just keep practicing. And remember, if you have rejects – your happy puppy will not mind disposing of them for you!!

To start decorating - first mix your icing for the piping. This will be a thicker icing. Use the instructions provided on our Yogurt or Carob dog treat icing mixes. After mixing - adjust the thickness so that when you drag a spoon through the icing, the spoon track remains for 7 to 8 seconds. If it disappears sooner than that, it is too thin. Simply add some more dry mix to thicken For the flooding icing - make a thinner icing. The flooding icing should flow easily, and the spoon track should disappear after on 3 to 4 seconds.

Start by piping the outline of your treat in the color of your choice. You can add human grade food coloring or dried vegetable powder to your icing when you are mixing to the desired color. Allow your outline to dry for 15 or so minutes. You can continue outlining multiple dog treats and allow them to dry at the same time.

You will then flood the inside of the outline with the color that you wish. Use the thin icing and apply it with a side to side motion.

You can leave a slight amount of space between the outline and use a clean toothpick to drag the thin icing up to the edge of the outline. This will help make sure that you don't over-flood the outline.

Allow your flooded based to dry for 15 to 20 mintues. You can then decorate designs with the piping icing on top of the semi dried flooded base. The limit to your decorating potential is really up to you. You can get as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Decorating dog treats should be fun and allow you to express your own personal creativity and love of dogs!

Below are some examples of some truly beautiful treats. These treats were created by: MONA'S MUNCHIES. You can see all of Mona's FABULOUS designs here: by clicking on this link to go to Mona's Munchies.

We hope this helps you in your search for information on decorating dog treats. Please feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" button on the left if you have any further questions. Check out our Dog Treat Icing Mixes here to get started decorating dog treats!