Dog Treat Bakery Equipment

Having baked dog treats - we know how tedious and time intensive it can be. Dog treat bakery equipment might be what you are ready to start investigating. There are several items out there that are designed for small bakers. We have researched some of the equipment that might help shave some time out of your process so that you can spend you time figuring out how to grow your business.

Below you will see a manual cookie forming machine. This item is called the Kook-E-King. It is a manual crank cookie forming machine and really helps with saving time. You can visit the website for this item where there is a video showing its operation. Here is the link: Kook-E-King website with video.

Another piece of equipment that helps with the dog treat forming is the Formatic. This piece of equipment is automatic. There is a catalog for the different shapes available for the drum portion of the Formatic. They already have bone shapes if that is what you are looking for. This is a small bench top size piece - perfect if you are baking your dog treats at home. They have several models, the smallest will easily fit on your kitchen countertop.

You can view a video on the Formatic website. Follow this bakery equipment link to the Formatic website.

Rolling dough was often one of the most tedious challenges next to cutting out all of the dog treats. Making sure that the dough is rolled out to the exact same thickness each time could be very difficult. However, this piece of dog treat making is very important - from keeping a standard piece weight, to ensuring that your baking time remains consistent. A manual dough roller is a very good piece of bakery equipment to invest in.

Getting started baking dog treats is often the most challenging part. Lots of hours of baking, dough under your fingernails constantly, mixing, flour on every surface in your kitchen.... we know. But if you can get it up and running and are gaining more and more business - you may reach a point faster than you think possible where investing in a little technology could save you lots of time. Remember, your time is very valuable. And if you can save time on some of the mundane tasks of baking, you can spend more of your effort in the creative process of growing your business - finding / selling new customers, creating new products, and figuring out new opportunties.

Another option to consider if you are not ready to invest in purchasing your own bakery equipment at this time is to work with a local bakery or restaurant and rent their equipment / space on days when they may not be in operation. Often times you will find that they are very willing to lease their space for a very reasonable rate for days when they are not in operation. This is a great way to offset cost. Just a thought!